Experimenting in Photoshop

I have been lucky enough to get a hold of the new Photoshop Elements thanks to my beautiful mum, Kris.  So I have been having a bit of a play around with some of the new features.  I am not clever enough to use the full version, but I find that Elements works well for me.

This is a photograph I took of Ellie a few weeks ago when she decided to rug up in her scarf and beanie.  Of course I am totally biased about my children, but I think she looks cute as a button!

With regard to the editing, I have used the ‘unsharp mask’ on her eyes, used ‘smart blur’ to soften the rest of the image and then converted it to sepia with some vignetting.  I really like the ‘actions’ features and would like to have more of a play with those too.  Let me know what you think, any suggestions or feedback regarding my photoshopping would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for stopping by


5 thoughts on “Experimenting in Photoshop

  1. Wow Sarah, two posts in one day. We might get used to this. The photo is beautiful and of course so is Elyssa. You are going to have to give lessions.

  2. Congrats Sarah, not only is it a gorgeous photo, but Ellie looks fabulous. Reminds me of how much I miss you guys. Looking forward to seeing you all in November. Give those kids of yours a hug and kiss from their Aunty Jen.

  3. Hi, Sarah, Good to see you are back. The photo of Elly is lovely, she certainly is photogenic. Look forward to seeing you all next week. Grandma

  4. Thank you everyone! Ellie is definitely very photogenic which makes the editing much easier!!! … such a gorgeous girl. We all miss you too Aunty Jen, looking forward to catching up in November at Kathryn’s Wedding. Grandma, I hear you are up this weekend – we look forward to seeing you guys then xx

  5. Sarah this is beautiful! and of course having such a stunning model helps too. When you give lessons to your mum give me a hoy I need all the help I can get. Like I said to mum, when all the artistic crayons were handed out I was either behind the door and they miised me or they ran out before they got to me in the line! Love your blog header too! Gwen

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