Girl’s Birthday Party Gifts

As per previous posts, Little Miss Popular is at it again, with two birthday parties this weekend!!  I thought that it would be nice to do something a little bit different for these two beautiful girl’s 6th birthday’s.  And seeing as though Christmas has just been, I figured they would have got lots of amazing shop bought presents!  Also another of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be a little stricter on birthday present spending as I am sure Abi went to at least 15 parties last year and that certainly adds up.  This year I will have two at school, so it could get very out of hand otherwise!!

This is what I made for Abi to give to each of her friends.  A bookmark, a little notebook (they love writing little messages now that they are big enough to do so!), a picture frame to put a photo from their party and a little jar of lollies – YUM!  The other item is a cute little tube of bubbles!  I did also put in some hair ties and a lip gloss.  I hope the birthday girl’s like them!  As for a Birthday Card…. Abi is going to use the ones she made herself (previous post)!

Those gorgeous Owl’s were made by my very talented ‘sideline’ Shirley @ Stamping Elephants.  They were part of a beautiful christmas gift I received from her …. I hope she doesn’t mind me putting them to good use!

The gift bag was made using the very popular bag-a-lope design.  I love to modify that idea to suit whenever I need it!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work xx



4 thoughts on “Girl’s Birthday Party Gifts

  1. Sarah, these are absolutely gorgeous. You better get used to the b’day parties each week. It’s a ritual for the first few years of primary school. But atleast you get to make beautiful things like this to give out.

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