My Christmas Card 2010

Before I get with the program and enter the New Year finally…!  I thought I’d just share my own Christmas Card that I sent this year, well I mean last year!  My wonderful friend Natalie Heaslip took the photograph of my three gorgeous kiddies, and so I thought that I would keep the card simple to keep the focus on the photo.  I have used the easel card design.

Funny story – I work with a great group of people in my job as a Midwife, and this year myself and three other ladies decided it would be a bit of a laugh, and also a good motivation to get our Christmas Cards out on time, by having a little bit of a competition!!  Everyone did a great job, and I did actually have my cards made by November 30th this year (although in my true style I still didn’t post them until a week later!).  I feel very honoured to say that my entry won the first annual Christmas Card Competition!!! 

Ok, so enough Christmas now… onto New things!

Best Wishes,


2 thoughts on “My Christmas Card 2010

  1. I am not quite ready for Christmas to be over just yet, so I am happy for people to keep posting all things Christmassy! I love your card, that photo is fantastic!

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