July Scrap Your Year Page

Here it is, my favourite to date!!  I totally love these colours together, and the layout too.  Simply gorgeous – even if I do say so myself!!  The photos were taken when we took the kids down to Shorncliffe one beautiful Winter day in July.  They had a great time walking out along the pier and down onto the beach.  It was low tide, so they could wander out a long way!  I managed to get a few cute poses of them – they always know I’m planning a scrap page!!

I think this page has a bit of a ‘Kelly Lane’ look to it.  It wasn’t exactly intentional, it just kind of happened!  It is actually a really simple page, and it’s the photos that make it!  For my girls I placed white paper on the card in the sizes of the photos so it made it nice and simple for them to complete the page, and they also know what size to print out there photos.

I have tried with these Scrap your Year classes to keep to fairly standard size photos to make it easy for everyone to complete their pages at home, but it is nice to be a bit different sometimes!  I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to work with my photos and manipulate the sizes.  I find it a great program, and I also use it to edit my work to publish on here.  For my lades, if you are having trouble trying to get your photos to work for this layout, please email me and I can work on it for you, or give you some help.

Enjoy your day xx


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